Blank is an international public art festival which travels across different cities. Through physical and virtual collaborative art projects between the artist and the public, we aim to make art more approachable.
We are based on the idea that the public and the artist are one and the same. For those who feel that creativity eludes them, blank will wipe the slate clean. It will help the public rediscover the joy of creating. It will allow them to put themselves in the artists shoes and know that they fit. To take art as something they can own, as an opportunity to tell their story and have fun!
Blank belongs to the people. We are approachable. Yet, we exude credibility within the art world. We represent both the makers and breakers of the rules. Hence, our voice hangs in an intricate balance. This is also represented in our visuals through rigid shapes and boundaries which are shattered by literally and metaphorically coloring outside the lines.
The face of our identity, the blank logo is based on the idea of a blank canvas. Representing the possibilities of creation as well as serving as a medium for displaying our imagery (which consists of artworks by the public as well as professional artists). The Blank logo has both fixed and dynamic versions for different applications.
Our color palette is simple. BLANCK, ANDWHITE with a splash of color. The white represents our idea of the blank canvas. The black represents our brand communication, what we want to say to our audience. The splash of color represents the people’s voice. We are a vessel for the public to express themselves and their true colors. The accent colors are are derived from the work of the artists invited to the event. Accent colors are limited to one color per artist.
One intrinsic character of the blank logo is the prominent break within the square canvas. The iconography for wayfinding follow the same style by always having breaks within the icons.

Wayfinding posts in the area. One side is a live feed of the events happening at the physical event. The screens act as a source of advertisement. The other side is a blank canvas, a space for participants to share their feedback and their experience.

go with the flow
follow the current

The virtual component follows the underlying principles of the event blank but exists as an individual experience exploring the play and experimentation within the medium of its existence.
© Ravleen Kaur for GDVX 770, Spring 2021. Done as part of group with Usman Ibrahim & Yuchun Dong.

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