YumYum: AI Chatbot

YumYum is the home of your cooking companion.

It is a platform that houses multiple AI cooking chatbots. YumYum allows the audience to choose from these different AI character personas. Each persona has their specific personality, their likes and dislikes, their unique life stories as well as specific kind of dishes they enjoy cooking.
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Our mission

We aim to bring a helpful, individualistic, friendly and fun filled, hands-free experience while sharing new recipes through our multiple chatbot platform. We thrive to be interesting yet adaptable to personal needs based on the function we serve, i.e. sharing step-by-step recipes of customisable foods based on your availability of ingredients.
Tone of Voice
•Friendly  •Comforting  •Simple  •Cheerful  
•Playful  •Exciting  •Engaging​​​​​​​
Character Personalities

Character introduction in their own voice

Detailed exploration of the character "Mary"

The personality of the AI chatbot is based on the backstory of the character. Her tone of voice, her expressions as well as emotions are evident in the way that she responds to the audience as she interacts with them. Check out the character development process here.

Emotional responses of Mary during the conversations

Mary's character actions (Visual cues)

YumYum Interface Design

The YumYum interface is ideally designed for a tablet/iPad screen. Even though the chatbots respond with speech output, the larger screen size makes the occasional reading of recipe from a distance much more easier without causing any strain on the eyes.
The YumYum Experience 

YumYum is more than just a chatbot, it is a cohesive solution for anyone who has longed for a hands-free experience while trying out new recipes or needs a companion through their cooking experience.
Find the complete process book here. Find the YumYum Style Guide here.

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